Listen to Scottish and Irish

These are two old TV-series you can watch on Youtube. Take in the beautiful scenery and listen to the Scottish and Irish accents.

Scottish: Hamish Macbeth starring Robert Carlyle.

Irish: Ballykissangel

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Meetup – find people to practice English with

Want to make new friends and practice your English at the same time? Thought you might! Why not try Meetup. There are groups for different interests and plenty want to learn languages. Maybe you can help somebody with their Swedish, Arabic or Spanish in exchange for English!? The computer seems to pick the location closest to you. So if you live in Stockholm and login you will get routed to groups in Stockholm.  If you travel abroad you can always find people on Meetup. It seems to be global – almost, haha!

Let me know how you’re getting on! Good luck!


Check out Meetup groups on Facebook! Based in Stockholm.

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Our tag cloud in Wordle

I’ve discovered a site which lets you play around and create clouds of words. So I put in the words that we’ve saved in our tag cloud, which you can see down here on the right. Click the the pdf below to see our cloud of words.


And here’s the link to Wordle ofcourse!

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FanFiction and DeviantArt

Have you heard of Fan fiction? It’s been around since long before the internet, but now it’s really popular. It means that fans of a certain book, cartoon, manga/anime, tv-series or movie write their own stories, like a continuation of the original. Nobody makes any money but I’m sure that some people have actually been discovered and published. So, give it a go and see what stories people write about your favourite book or comic:


If you are interested in looking at art that people publish on the internet, go no further than:


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Education Quizzes

Are you a fan of quizzes? In that case I think you should try Education Quizzes. It’s made for native speakers of English mainly, but if you choose the easier questions you’ll be ok. E.g. KS2 English. All kinds of questions on everything from spelling to adjectives and improving vocabulary.

There are also quizzes on maths, science and chemistry. And – not forgetting the Fun Quizzes on topics ranging from books to British Isles and nature.

It does cost 3 punds/month but I think it’s definitely worth a go – at least to try out for a month. You can also print the quizzes if you want.

Education Quizzes

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I’ve just discovered a site where I hope the class can have lots of fun together. It’s called Storybird, and with the help of fabulous artwork you can write stories. Art-inspired storytelling. And it’s free!

I’ve already written my first story, about my family. And next week I’m going to give my students an assignment to do the same. Clever of me, don’t you think!?


When you’re at Storybird, click You and you’ll be able to read my little story.

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English Grammar Online

There are so many sites for learning English out there … Makes it difficult to chose …
But English Grammar Online seems really good. You can practice grammar, learn about the English speaking countries, play games, find out how to write a business letter – and lots more!

English Grammar Online

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