I’ve just found Anglo-Link, where teachers of English explain some of the basics in English grammar. You can learn about lots of things, for example when to use the simple present and when the simple progressive is better. Or when to use make or do.

There are some really useful lessons here, so I hope you listen to them a lot.


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2 Responses to Anglo-Link

  1. Jdor says:

    Hej…I am from the US and am a native English speaker. I am overwhelmed by the offers here and feel that many are not legit. (sorry if I’m using slang) If Helena is your instructor and your want someone to email with contact her on via email and ask her to forward to me. I will be happy to eamil with you. Let her know that Joan said it was okay to forward your emails to her. J.

    • Dear J,
      This is Helena – the teacher. If I understand it correctly you are a friend of Joan’s. Or is it you, Joan? It’s from your email address.

      I don’t understand your comment about “offers that are not legit”. All the links on our blog are to sites that are open to everyone. Ofcourse I would not link my students to any illegal sites.

      Unfortunately I will not be teaching this group the coming semester, but if you’d like to communicate with them I’m sure they would love to.


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