Education Quizzes

Are you a fan of quizzes? In that case I think you should try Education Quizzes. It’s made for native speakers of English mainly, but if you choose the easier questions you’ll be ok. E.g. KS2 English. All kinds of questions on everything from spelling to adjectives and improving vocabulary.

There are also quizzes on maths, science and chemistry. And – not forgetting the Fun Quizzes on topics ranging from books to British Isles and nature.

It does cost 3 punds/month but I think it’s definitely worth a go – at least to try out for a month. You can also print the quizzes if you want.

Education Quizzes

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One Response to Education Quizzes

  1. Colin King says:

    Hi from England! I work for Education Quizzes and I would like to thank you for featuring us. We would love to help any website or organization that wants to help their visitors learn English with the use of our quizzes. We can set-up a promotion code that will enable your visitors to try the site free for a month. Just contact me at and I’ll be pleased to help. Very best wishes, Colin

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