I hope the links in this blog can still be of use

As you’ve probably noticed, this blog has been asleep for a long time. I stopped working at Eductus in Sollentuna in March 2013 – and the last semester there I didn’t teach English.

I currently work as an SFI-teacher in a project called Bas in southern Stockholm. It’s for adult immigrants with no or very little education from their native countries. A very exciting job!

I am letting this blog stay on in cyber space, in the hope that it will be of use to those of you trying to learn English as a second language.

Good luck!


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I’ve just found Anglo-Link, where teachers of English explain some of the basics in English grammar. You can learn about lots of things, for example when to use the simple present and when the simple progressive is better. Or when to use make or do.

There are some really useful lessons here, so I hope you listen to them a lot.


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Dave’s ESL Café and Free Rice

Dave’s ESL Café has tons of good stuff for learning English. Check out “Stuff for Students” and let me know what you think. There are also 3014 ESL links. Mindboggling!

Dave’s ESL Café

And: you haven’t forgotten to use Free Rice, have you? Remember to do a good thing and learn English at the same time. For every word or grammatical phrase you get right you donate ten grains of rice to people in need. Right now it goes to Cambodia. Freerice is run by the UN World Food Programme.

Free Rice

Like Busuu and Freerice on Facebook and keep yourself updated. Here’s Freerice:

Freerice on Facebook


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Busuu talk

Have you tried Busuu? It’s an app, a website – and also a blog. A place to learn English ofcourse! It does cost a little bit of money but I think it’s a good investment. They’ve just relaunched busuutalk where you can chat with native speakers. Read more about it in their blog:


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Wikipedia in Simple English

Did you know that there is a special version of Wikipedia, written in simple English? I didn’t, but there is! And here it is! Look through some of the articles and see if you can understand them.

Wikipedia in Simple English

A message from Wikipedia: “Simple does not mean short. Writing in Simple English means that simple words are used. It does not mean readers want basic information. Articles do not have to be short to be simple; expand articles, add details, but use basic vocabulary.”

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English Online Vocabulary

I have found another very useful site where you can learn English vocabulary. Check out “instruktioner” first before you begin. You can work with the material in different ways. You can also print your own vocabulary lists with sencentes containing the new words. This is a great feature, which gives you all the words in context.

These are all every day words which are good to know. So get cracking! Good luck!

English Online Vocabulary

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Sweden #1 at ESL

Swedes are no 1 in the world at speaking English as a second language according to a survey performed by EF – a language school. Do you think it’s true?

The Local – Swedes #1 at English

The Local – Sweden’s News in English

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